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The Importance of Ecig Brands

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Those of you who have been into our shop have probably heard me speak glowingly of our Joyetech Batteries. A few of you have seen customers come in who bought no name egos (purchased from other sources) which are now malfunction or have died after a month. This is frustrating for me and more frustrating for the customer who shelled out good money only to be left with a product that doesn't work correctly if at all.

At Infinity Vapers of Shreveport and Bossier City, our goal is to help people quit smoking. Sure, we'd like to make tons of cash and dominate the market, but that is secondary to our primary goal, saving smokers. We sell products that work consistently and as expected. For instance our Joyetech pass-through comes with a standard 90 day warranty. After selling hundreds of these batteries, I have seen 2 come back into the shop for returns. One was because a customer wanted something different, the other was genuinely not holding a charge. 2 out of 100s is a great measure of reliability. When you're trying to quit smoking, reliability is key. We want our products to be easier to use and more reliable so that you don't ever feel an urge to pick up a pack of cigarettes. 

Quitting cigarettes is a journey, our goal is to send you out ready to face it. Stop in to our shop at 1442 Airline Dr. Bossier City and see the difference.


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